The Industrial Market And The Internet Of Things – Introduction

In this report, compiled by Strategy Analytics, you’ll find a clearheaded view of the opportunity presented by industrial IoT. IoT can reduce costs, improve maintenance and efficiency, and revolutionise logistics across a wide range of industrial sectors including automotive, manufacturing and processing, security and utilities.

At Actility, we’ve been involved in projects ranging from optimising the energy consumption of a cement factory to ensuring the reliability of warehouse package processing machinery and even tracking reindeer herds in northern Finland. The common factor has been a long range, low-cost communication network gathering data from hundreds of sensors and delivering it to cloud applications

As the leading provider of low power wide-area network solutions for IoT, Actility is seeing steady growth in industrial applications. But as the report identifies, there are still some key issues seen as barriers to the rapid growth and adoption of industrial IoT, such as security, skills and cost. These issues are being directly addressed by the industry, with the backing of groups such as the LoRa Alliance, an association of over 500 companies committed to the LoRaWAN standard for Low Power Wide Area IoT networks. Actility’s ThingPark platform incorporates sophisticated security software to ensure the integrity of devices and their data throughout the IoT network. Actility has also launched ThingPark Enterprise, a dedicated but highly-scaleable network solution for industrial IoT solutions designed from the beginning for ease of use at every stage of deployment, scaling and operations.

For customers looking for the simplest way to get started with industrial IoT, Actility also offers a catalogue of “Click and Go” packages, providing everything required to set up and operate a solution for applications ranging from cold chain integrity monitoring to greenhouse management or factory air quality optimisation. A theme across the industry is that IoT solutions are rapidly becoming “productised” rather than bespoke for every application. As you’ll discover within this report, with the perceived barriers to entry being addressed, and the rapid growth of the market driving costs ever downward, there has never been a better time to discover how industrial IoT can help your business be more efficient, more secure, and generate new revenue streams. Start your deployment and your business transformation today.

What's in the report?

The Industrial Market and the Internet of Things (IoT): Challenges & Opportunities
  • The IoT Landscape
  • Benefits & Opportunities for IoT
  • Strategy Analytics 2017 Enterprise IoT Deployment Survey
Actility Case Study: Slashing a Shopping Mall’s Energy Costs with LPWA IoT
  • A Shopping Centre that Consumes the Energy of a City
  • Applying Smart City Energy Management Tools
  • Significant Reduction in Costs and Consumption

About the author

Matthew Wilkins is an experienced industry analyst with over 20 years in IT market research. As a Senior Analyst, Matt focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) space, examining key IoT applications, use cases, and technology issues.
Previously at Strategy Analytics, Matt was part of the Wearable Device Ecosystem (WDE), and Tablet & Touchscreen Service (TTS) research teams.
Prior to joining Strategy Analytics, Matthew was a Principal Analyst with IHS iSuppli managing the Compute Platforms service, where he was also the lead analyst for microprocessor and graphics technology. Prior to iSuppli, Matthew was a Senior Analyst at Gartner covering client computing and technical workstations.
Matthew holds a BSc in Design Technology & Business from the University of Plymouth, England.